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Since March 2009, Cornerstone Families Understanding Nurturing Program has served over 300 families in its nurturing parenting program, offering two fifteen week class session per year. Cornerstone Families Understanding Nurturing (FUN) is a program designed to help at risk families recognize destructive patterns, break these habits and replace them with positive, rewarding nurturing family skill and relationships.



Cornerstone Understanding Nurturing Program (FUN), provide two series of classes to serve families in Beaufort C0unty. Classes are provided in the spring (March- June) and fall (August – November) months.

Cornerstone FUN Programs is designed to provide parental and sibling interaction with a nationally recognized parenting curriculum; designed to help parents and children recognize destructive nurturing habits patterns, break these habits and replace them with positive, rewarding nurturing family relationships.

 The classes utilizes the infant/preschool, pre-adolescence, and adolescence nurturing curriculum developed by Fran B. Kaplan, MSW, Ed .D. and Dr. Steven Balolek, from UNC-Greensboro, NC.


The Curriculum is developed from a strong philosophical basis that supports the growth and development of parents and children as caring people who treat themselves, others, and the environment with respect and dignity. This curriculum is the result of 30 years of research on family dynamics and the conditions that produce and accompany destructive family patterns.

Babies in Playroom
Feeding a Giraffe
Mom and Kids Painting Together
Holding Hands

Caring Staff

The Families Understanding Nurturing Program is staffed by caring trained facilitators for all classes, child care and transportation providers, food service providers, a Program Administrator and Program Executive Director.

Friends at Lunch


Two- parent facilitators interact during meal time observing participating families and documenting parent/child interactions.

Young Students

Age Appropriate

Child facilitators conduct age appropriate children group session in which children will be exposed to age appropriate activates that foster new socialization skills, as needed.

Standing Near the Van


Transportation is provided for all families who would be unable to attend because of the lack transportation. .

Stoocked Buffet

Hot Meals

The program began each week with a hot nutritious meal prepared and served by food preparation workers and other volunteers. Snacks are also provided at the mid-way point of the class sessions.

Fun with Party Props


The Program Director and Program Administrator monitor the classes and assist when needed. The following is an overview of the program activities:

Air Pressure

On the first evening of the program, families arrive at around 5:45 pm for dinner.

Dinner is started promptly at 6:00pm with thanksgiving for the meal.

At 6:30pm everyone disbursed to their appropriate classes.

On the very first night of class orientation of  policies and information is presented to all participates

Let’s get acquainted, meet and greet

After orientation a Pre-test is administered by the facilitator. This test is graded and scores are logged to be compared at the completion of the program.

For the first hour all classes are divided, after break pre-adolescent parents and children and adolescents parents and children come together and participate in class together for about 30 minutes.

At the end of the class session each class has a home work assignment to bring back for the next session.

At the end of the ten weeks session a graduation program is done to celebrate the accomplishments of the families who complete the program.  This celebration is attended by the County leaders and agencies that made referrals to the program as well as other family members and friends, local newspapers and guest. Awards, certificates and gifts are presented by staff to parents and children. After the awards ceremony a celebration meal is enjoyed by all in attendance.


Cornerstone (FUN) Program’s Centers On

Five Parenting Constructs:

Nurturing parenting construct are a set of parental attitudes and behaviors that play a very significant role in child rearing.

Cornerstone (FUN) Programs Morals and Values:

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Cornerstone Famlies Understanding Nurturing Program (FUN),

provide two series of classes to serve families within the county. Classes are provided in the spring (March- June) and fall

(August – November) months.


Download and fill out the application below by clicking the purple box. Return application or mail back to the addresses listed on the form.


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Nurturing Parenting Three (3) Day Seminar
Facilitator Training

Conducted By:
Cornerstone Families Understanding
Nurturing Programs

Cost: $350 Per Registration
Includes: All Class Materials , Supplies &
Break Refreshments

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